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Posted by admin on January 09, 2015
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Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Our Turkish guide said she moved back to Istanbul after breaking up with her boyfriend
To a friend of mine walking beside her, and I mutely followed their conversation
These three ladies, now ahead of me, walking close together, stopping for shopping, conversing, laughing, window-browsing in the thriving streets of the Grand Bazaar
Blah blah blah blah.. I wanted to start a new life, our guide said, blah blah blah… perhaps also allow him to forget…

The covered market illuminated with yellow lights from rows of shops selling carpets, jewellery; dealers of silk, shoes, Turkish bric-a-brac drinking tea
Stretched and stretched, charming my mind into its groove, transporting me many years back
A sweaty boy accompanying his mother, aunt and cousin sisters during the elaborate festive shopping spree in Ason
Carrying bags of merchandise, foodstuffs, trailing behind the ladied who strut around in evening bazaar bustle

The lurking smell of spices, cashews, incense clutched by devotees infront of the temple dedicated to patron deity of the neighbourhood, devotional music, hymns
But the ladies eye dried anchovies, and red chillies, sweet meat, copper wares, saris and stopped at the goldsmith to compare the yellow against their fare, olive and brown skin

That day I hated the spree – a boy who would be a man must be engaged with more pressing concerns, like sports or smoking!

The narrow streets, alleyways of Ason converge into the silk road, the spice and herb market of Grand Bazaar
And our Turkish guide, Zainab, smiles at me with her eyes, seeing bags in my hands as I watched my lady friends hunt for Turkish delights with the same frenzy of the women I followed down Ason as a little boy

It is good for a man to spend some time with ladies, Zainab says
It does great deal of good for him, a great deal. Now if  only my divorced father and boyfriend brooding in the town near the Georgian border had understood

Ason, Kathmandu (Photo courtesy: Wikipedia)



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