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Motorcycle Shayari

Posted by admin on January 23, 2015
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Riding fast along the highway/

Leaving behind strange, dusty towns one after another/

As revolting as the sleazy, powdery blue mascara a fine young lady crossing the streets wears – truck drivers’ eye candy/ …

Then all of a sudden paddy and corn fields from where sprouts ugly houses and brick kilns in equal measure/

Like undesired weeds in an abandoned garden, the expanse, the freshly bathed green hills/

The paddy fields just ploughed, watered But the ugly houses, factories and kilns keep their prominence/

As if reminding us that there will come a day when all this lush expanse and open sky will soon be consumed by their clones/

They say beauty is power, but in front of ugliness it doesn’t stand a chance. Beauty is but momentary, it lives forever only in memory

Bhaktapur to Dolalghat – 2012


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