Ode to Singapore

Posted by admin on October 23, 2016
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I approached you slowly in the windy, moon-lit night
gliding like a Japanese torpedo to dock at your port-side/
Of course, I was dwarfed by your high-heels, stilts
As I burned my fingers in the rubies and sapphires of your necklaces, earrings, bright bracelets that generations of fortune hunters and sailors adorned you with/

Mystical you are, I had heard a lot about your oriental elegance from those who visited you/
But the mystery lady you are, you made me wait for long
Until finally, after years, you sprawl before me, purple satin-silk… tight mouth singing a song/

Those razor cut, fine mandarin eyes staring both softly and sharply
to forbid ghosts, evils from diving in and make you raging and mad/
And as calm descended, you took me in
and covered me in the starry night of your straight, perfumed hair/

Melting me in the fuel of your body all night/

You troubled me in the morning with your heat kept alive by the flame deep beneath you bulging hips/
And for three days I was lost in your contours, your highs and the lows, as I traced my quick breathe on them
Appreciating your silent, soft courtesies
Caressing the delights, fantasies that your slowly spread/

But I am angry with you as only a lover could
cause you didn’t speak to me, not a word all the time we held and embraced/
And my attempts to know you deepest oceans, swim in your fleeting stories went in vain
As I realised that nothing binds you, you are not even in the moment
you are a city in constant transition/

Your charms are reserved for the lusty white, yellow and brown worshipers of wealth
As you abandon your children to the stressful toys
So the migratory birds soars over you, spread its wings and states
I am unable to answer the sphinx at your gates

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