Tel Aviv Plays

Posted by admin on April 18, 2017
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The long street poles

along the promenade

cuts a right angle with the

straight line of the horizon

Carving up the Mediterranean sea

and sky into two hues of blue and green


The swirling waves crowned with white horses

hurry to the beaches

And spit similar image

in the tiny burst of clouds floating in the sky


People frolic in the beach,

beach bumming or just looking on at the waves

Cool-legged girls sun their milk and honey, soft-brown bikini bodies

that shine in the sharp Levant sun

as their black, olive curls flow at the direction of the breeze

The unrestrained breakers keep licking their toes


The waves breaking hard at the stony quay, a loud crash

is a catalyst that creates high tides in the veins of the boys of the summer

And one with passionate spontaneity

lifts a young woman he desires and plunges forward to the sea

The woman’s fleshy hips bouncing and bulging on his shoulders

until he collides against the tideā€¦a loud splash


Drinking a cool corona and tuna pizza with fellow lunchers

softened up and slacking in the afternoon draft

that swirl the hairs of girls tying it up while caught up in their chat


A classy granny enjoying her drink with olives

and catching the waves raft

The window panes of tall buildings glint with the sun


As the afternoon give way to evening,

the sun dips fast, casting an orangy glow in the sky

Settling just for a second in the line where the sky and the sea meet

Just enough to cast a glimmer of red,

into the faces of a row of burqa clad women

until sizzling into the sea.

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Motorcycle Shayari

Posted by admin on January 23, 2015
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Riding fast along the highway/

Leaving behind strange, dusty towns one after another/

As revolting as the sleazy, powdery blue mascara a fine young lady crossing the streets wears – truck drivers’ eye candy/ …

Then all of a sudden paddy and corn fields from where sprouts ugly houses and brick kilns in equal measure/

Like undesired weeds in an abandoned garden, the expanse, the freshly bathed green hills/

The paddy fields just ploughed, watered But the ugly houses, factories and kilns keep their prominence/

As if reminding us that there will come a day when all this lush expanse and open sky will soon be consumed by their clones/

They say beauty is power, but in front of ugliness it doesn’t stand a chance. Beauty is but momentary, it lives forever only in memory

Bhaktapur to Dolalghat – 2012


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