Road and River

Posted by admin on March 23, 2017
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The road runs parallel to the gushing river,

They’re like two lives running together with same intensity

The road takes a curve, the river bends

Bringing to mind picture of lovers copying each others’ moves and making amends


While I reasonably wait for the journey to end

the road and the river seem to be in a ceaseless affair

because till the time they are together they don’t want to leave nothing to chance

Until another curve and bend brings to end their romance


Perhaps in some other place and time they will suddenly see each other once again

And continue with their unknown destination

When one road stops, another begins

A small stream turns into river, flows and sings

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Snow on a hot autumn day

Posted by admin on July 08, 2016
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What, snowfall on a hot autumn day!?

But it ain’t a deception, a clever use of metaphor
for it is a dandelion snow
Seeds thrown upon the winds
their fine, feathery growths spinning and spinning like a helicopter rotor
Some fall softly and safely in the ground and disappear
but hundreds soar high in the winds, fuzzy and cotton-like
to be carried in the breeze, perhaps for miles or just another dark pit,
who could say?

Then another accidental current blows over the crowded junkyard of what used to be a garden
And as if in a flash a fresh dandelion snow

Each seeds independent (sometimes attached) their silver wings helping                                                                                 them move up in the winds

And they seem to say this as they soar–

“We know we’ve been abandoned in the air current by our ruderal                                                                                              parents in their last act of love, to live our respective fates and lives”

“Some of the lucky ones amongst us will travel great distances and                                                                                              perhaps find a better place to soak up the sun and survive”

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